Meet the Artist


MEEt Shra

I believe every one has the ability to be an artist. It just takes a little practice!

Hello, I am Shradha Gupta. I have a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Web Developing. I currently live happily in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband and two children. I work as an artist full-time, and have been teaching art since 2012! I am never caught without a handy pen and a piece of paper, to sketch the plethora of ideas that pop constantly into my head. My inspiration mostly comes from nature. My strong, unbending passion and bond with art has existed ever since I was a young child, and my parents supported me throughout my unforgettable journey through fine arts school. I have been in the fine arts field for a very long time, and cannot wait to share my knowledge and expertise with you and your kids. I love to create artwork of all subject matters, but am a little partial to my animal and ocean pieces, which you can view in the Original Artwork page. I teach both children ( 8+ ) and adults how to create stunning, spectacular masterpieces!

In my art classes, I work with each student individually to help them develop their own style and passion for art. It’s like having a semi private lesson! ¬†Another option given, is to choose your own subject matter and work at your own pace in a casual, artistic atmospher