Oil, Water Color, and Acrylic Artist​

Meet Shradha

Artist Shradha

Welcome to my Art Studio!

Hello! My name is Shradha (sh-raa-daa) Gupta, and I have been a full-time artist with a strong, unbending passion for art for the past 20 years. I currently create and sell my artwork and ship directly from my art studio in Greenville, South Carolina. I commission custom-made artwork for clients. My paintings are for sale on this website, artshra.com,  The Back Door Art Gallery, Fountain Inn, Metropolitanartscouncil Greenville, SC, White Rabbit Art Gallery, Traveler Rest, SC, and, on instagram at fine_artshra.

In addition, I teach both children (8+) and adults how to create stunning, spectacular masterpieces! Learn more about my art classes at artclassesgreenvillesc.artshra.com.

In my daily life, I always carry a handy pencil and piece of paper with me so I can quickly capture the many art-inspiring ideas including oil painting and modern art that frequently occur to me. Since most of my inspiration for my art comes from nature, I am partial to my waterfall, animal, and flower pieces, although I love to create paintings and artwork on all kinds of subjects! I currently live happily in Greenville, South Carolina, with my husband and two children.

I have a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Minor in Web Developing and have been in the Fine Arts field for a long time. In addition to being an artist, I have been a Computer Graphics Instructor at Greenville Technical College since 2019.

Once again, thank you for stopping by to my art studio! I am so delighted to be your guide through your exciting journey of creating art.