Portrait of a Reindeer

Portrait of a Reindeer
Against a backdrop of dark, towering pine trees, a reindeer pauses and looks its viewers in the eyes with a thoughtful expression. Hues of purple, dark blue, white, and light brown bring its visage to life, and the reindeer’s eyes serve as the focal point of this painting with their soulful look.





Fine Art Prints: Perfect size, excellent for custom framing and very classy and decorative.

Artwork Size: 5″x7″, 8″x10″ 11″x14″, 18″x24″, 24″x30″

Printed and hand cut by a local printer in Greenville, SC. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. 

Prints can be framed true to size. We recommend adding a matte and sizing up your frame to give the artwork a dramatic look!

**Please note that some cropping may occur to fit the artwork within standard print dimensions.

Canvas prints available upon request. Email info@artshra.com for inquiries.

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5X7, 8X10, 11X14, 18X24, 24X30